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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog !

Who Am I?

Well, that’s a question I myself am trying to figure out for a while now.

Whilst I am extremely comfortable in my own skin [#Being_Unapologetically_ME]) ;), there are days when I find myself asking if I have Multiple Personalities Syndrome (not literally of course, LOL ).

I can be extremely talkative, chirpy and most importantly silly, however there are also days I am extremely quiet (more so of-late) wondering the purpose of life gifted to us and all these people we cross paths with and experiences we encounter [Yeah, remember the imaginary Multiple-Personality-Syndrome I mentioned above ? That’s what kicks in I guess ;)].

I am quite passionate about swimming. I enjoy photography, philosophy and everything about the stars and galaxies fascinate me.

Basically am a no-nonsense person who believes in ‘Live & Let Live’ and appreciate people who don’t mess around my mental peace. Those who do – are very soon wished well and politely shown the wide exit-door from my life (figuratively :-p).

I have lived in three different continents so far (#nomad) and boy has it been a roller coaster ride or what! Been writing drafts of these experiences last 5ish years, and hoping to share gradually as and when I feel ready.

This blog will be my place to share my chronicles (thoughts, opinions, experiences and passions) that I feel strongly about [depending on which personality overpowers my thoughts when I start typing on a given day ;)].

More on me… as I blog and connect with some genuine souls out there…

Watch this space 🙂

Love & Peace

Making sense of dreams pseudo-scientifically…

Every once in a while we wake up from abruptly discontinued dreams which leave us confused, lost and with a desire to understand more. I like to always find some logic and science to have a plausible explanation for pretty much everything in life – which is not too much to ask for yea? However, the more I dive into researching about dream analysis, dream psychology and psychics, the more confused those explanations tend to leave me. I read and try to make scientific sense of those explanations but in reality those really are pseudo-scientific and nothing much beyond that. BUT, if we have some strong lingering emotions through the day after having dreamt of something, it is only natural for the human mind to start reasoning its emotions and link it to something that makes sense to/for them.

Like everyone else, I have had my share of dreams which have been weird, scary, happy and depressing – some of which I vividly remembered the next morning and some I couldn’t, in spite of trying to think long and hard. I have seen everything from me weightlessly falling off a cliff and being in a plane crash, to an unknown force trying to pull my soul out from my body, to being surrounded with colorful patterned snakes in my home and me fighting those to protect my parents and sibling from them – (Albeit, in reality the very sight of a snake or any reptile for that matter would make me freeze and probably pass out, but here I am in my dreams, being the savior of my family LOL),

Of all the different dreams I off and on have, the most common ones for the last say maybe 10-ish years are that of an ocean. Now-now, I don’t dream of an ocean every single night but lets say twice or thrice in an year, I will get these dreams where tides and waves will be playing some important part in the dream than just being a backdrop. Either the water will be extremely calm or I see massive tidal waves almost like a Tsunami coming my way. The awesome thing about any of these dreams that I mentioned above was, that ALL these years I have always come out victorious no matter what the situation – always! So whilst some dreams were extremely scary, nothing really ever left me scathed – Ummm until last night..kind of!

Lately, I have been having these dream episodes, intermittently, about the ocean again. And whilst I do not believe a dream can ever be specifically explained, I still try to make sense of it with every detail that I manage to remember the next morning. So here’s the scenario – Me and my husband are at a beachfront tiki bar which appeared to be at a fair bit of an elevation. We could see the ocean horizon clearly and there were a lot of people with blurred happy faces around. It seemed like we were on a vacation somewhere in my dream. Oh well! Given the lock-down we all are under, thanks to the COVID19 outbreak, I guess a lot of us are only just dreaming of a beach vacay subconsciously! That explains the location my brain picked – Nicely done Brainy-boo (lets just call my brain that for this blog post LOL).

So, it didn’t take long for the happy faces and noises around me to change into that of fear and panic. From an elevated tiki bar, I see people who were below at the beach running away from the beach and towards the barricades which run into a road, maybe a bike track – who knows. I look up and I feel a sudden chill run down my body as I see a giant humongous wave afar rushing towards where we were. I feel my husband hold my left hand with his right, as we both look towards the fateful wave. We looked at each other and exchanged a message with no words – that it’s no point running and there is no escape to this. We just hugged tightly with tears of fear in our eyes and I remember quickly asking him to take a deep breath right before the water is about to hit us. My brainy-boo was not giving up I think even in that dire situation, it had the hope we’ll ride it. Now, in all my past dreams, usually I would see the waves from afar and manage to escape (magically, somehow) but this time, the wave actually did hit me! I did the same what I asked my husband to do, took a deep gulp of air right before the wave hit us. I vividly remember us not letting go of each others hands and floating in water. For some strange reason, due to the pressure and force of water, my brainy-boo made some (imaginary) air passage right around the space my face was in and I could gulp in some more air as we were being pushed around with the force of the water (its a dream – something has to be weird and illogical). Since we were at an elevation, it felt like we were at the top end of the wave rather than the lower end and hence it just crossed through the tiki bar and crashed down? This is where the dream ends.

Now, I would like to think we survived, since we were breathing and still had our hands clasped after or lets say during the tidal wave. However, the fact that unlike ever before in my dreams, this time the tidal wave actually hit me, was something I was trying to make sense of. I didn’t wake up feeling victorious for sure :-p, but was definitely happy about how we handled the situation. I do believe, in my heart, that god forbid if something similar was to happen, that’s exactly what my husband and I would have done. Although, I would have liked for him to have said I love you when we hugged – like in a hollywood movie. But (sigh, eye roll) he didn’t – so I probably need to go fight with him on that now OR maybe bring it up 6 months from now in an argument mentioning he didn’t even say ‘I love you’ when the wave was about to hit us in my dream? Well, that’s what I’ll do I guess (LOL).

Now theoretically, seeing large waves in a dream indicates that one is about to release some emotional pent-up energy. Maybe that is true. With all the fear and negativity surrounding the COVID19 outbreak and it’s spread of late, its quite possible that subconsciously my mind is overthinking, is over whelmed and is feeling not quite ‘in-control’ of our (me and my husband’s) own life situations and circumstances amidst all the uncertainty.

Maybe the humongous tidal wave at distance was when we saw the cases surge in China and were reading articles that mentioned, “it is not ‘if’ but ‘when’ will it be our city’s turn”?

Maybe when the tidal wave hit us in the dream and we were floating in deep water holding hands and still breathing through the (imaginary) air passage, it signified the situation of ‘shelter-in-place’ and ‘stay-at-home’ orders issued in our city, implying the wave has already hit us and we are riding/surviving it together just like in the dream? And as my brainy-boo doesn’t quite know when it’ll end and whats on the other side, it just abruptly ended the dream there? Whatever might be the case, holding hands and being by each other’s side, I’m sure we will (all) get past this.

Whilst dream analysis as a field of study does not hold any ground in terms of scientific explanations, it does link to human psychology in many ways. Whatever way the experts may end up interpreting each dream as, I believe, only we ourselves can really decipher the meaning of our own dreams as no one else knows our conscious and sub-conscious mind better than we ourselves do.

Love & Peace